Having an Issue with a Rental Near You?

Call: (970) 423-5334

We understand that there are occasional inconveniences that arise while living next to a short term rental. We also understand that not every issue involves calling the police. This hotline was developed to give residents experiencing issues with nearby rental properties a number to call that streamlined the process and addressed the issue in a timely manner.

Cars Formation


While short term rentals are allotted a number of spots, we know that some renters bring more cars than allowed. If you notice that there are too many additional cars, cars illegally parked, or cars blocking in residents, please call the hotline.

Garbage Dumpster


Some guests in short term rentals may not be aware of the trash schedule or the necessity of protecting trash from bears. If you notice that a property's trash is outside on the wrong day, has blown over, or has been damaged by wildlife, please call the hotline.

DJ Spinning


While guests may be on vacation, residents aren't and don't want to be kept up all night, especially those with children. If the noise coming from a property is breaking Town code or disturbing the neighborhood, please call the hotline.

Breck PD Patch on Officer 2-FB.jpg

When to Call the Police

The Town of Breckenridge DOES NOT expect the hotline to replace the police. If a situation with a short term rental seems unruly, dangerous, or requires immediate attention for the safety and well-being of those around, please call the police. The Town does not expect neighbors or responsible agents of short term rentals to handle situations that may be dangerous on their own.