Short Term Rentals in Breckenridge 

Everything You Need to Know about Living Near or Managing a Short Term Rental

At the Town of Breckenridge, we understand that there is a balance between providing lodging for our guests and preserving our community character. Short term rentals provide an added value to our community but their unique locations, often surrounded by long-term housing and in neighborhoods, require special attention and care. We understand that residents living near short term rentals need an outlet to express their concerns and help us preserve the community and experience of Breckenridge. 

The Town of Breckenridge recently adopted new rules and regulations regarding short term rentals and outreach options for residents experiencing issues with nearby properties. Please browse this site for information regarding reporting issues, responding to issues, and acquiring a short term rental license.



Short term rentals have grown in popularity across the nation and globe. The Breckenridge Town Council have taken steps to better understand the growth of short term rentals in Town while also mitigating their impacts. Short Term Rental owners are now required to have a BOLT license and a responsible agent that can respond to issues within 60 minutes. The Town of Breckenridge has also partnered with STR Helper to provide a hotline for residents who live near short term rentals to report issues like parking, trash, and noise. Together, we believe these regulations can ensure  a positive community balance between quality of life for our residents and our guests' experiences.



Thank you for your interest in Short Term Rental Program. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please email us at str@townofbreckenridge.com or call 970-547-3101 to speak with our Accommodations Administrator.

If you are a resident, please do not report issues regarding properties here. Call the hotline at (970) 423-5334 if you are experiencing an issue with a rental property.